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I believe in the value of the Realtor

Matt Cabana
Jul 3, 2019

When you are sick, you reach out to your doctor. When you have legal trouble, you reach out to your attorney. When it’s tax season, you reach out to your accountant.

And how did you find these professionals? You researched them incessantly. You asked your friends and family for recommendations. Eventually, you chose one and you stayed with them, developing the relationship over years — over decades. Once you find a professional that you are comfortable and who knows you and your family, there’s no looking back. You stay with them until one of you moves.

But how many of you have your Realtor’s number handy?

Even if you have yet to buy a home, how many of you have taken the time to line up and interview agents — to find the one that fits and gels with your family needs?

Having an agent that has the specific skillset that you need and a personality that matches up with yours is the KEY to success in a home sale or purchase.

It makes absolutely ZERO sense to place the biggest financial decision you will ever make in the first person that you meet at an open house but sadly, 85% of the time, this is exactly what happens. You get the agent along with the house.

That’s not planning ahead. Let’s change that today.

Matt Cabana
I am the luckiest Realtor in the world.

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